All in the details

When The Knot shared this Georgia wedding, this image, of a table number went viral.  Almost overnight, agate became all the rage for weddings.  Within weeks, we saw agate/rock appear on many tabletops, in stationery and even wedding cakes.  If you search for "agate" on Pinterest, you'll see what I mean. There were many beautiful and unique elements to this wedding, but this one stole the show. 

When we are designing a wedding, we never really know what the takeaway will be.  We just want for the design elements to be cohesive and to work well in their environment.  We want for guests to experience something new, and in a way that reminds them of the couple. For instance, this wedding was situated in the countryside of Georgia, by a lake.  Earthy, watery elements worked well with the brides boho-chic theme.   

I am still getting inquiries about these to this day.  The funny thing is I personally wrote on these with my gold paint-pen minutes before the ceremony was underway.  (Making good use of my art degree, dad). We aren't always the trend-setter in this rapidly changing industry. But when we are it feels pretty darn good. Thinking outside the box and creating eye-catching designs is something we are known for.  Rock on!!