"Do one thing every day that scares you".    :: Eleanor Roosevelt

This month, while vacationing at the beach with my daughter, this quote caught my eye (my heart) while perusing Pinterest images on my iPhone.  This was the day we were supposed to get up and head home.  However, two hours later, we were riding cruisers around town in the the midst of a light thunderstorm.  Four hours (and two car-wardrobe-changes) later, we were roughly  2-miles from shore, in the Gulf of Mexico, on paddle boards, surrounded by dolphins, manta rays and other peculiar sea life.  The storm had unexpectedly passed, leaving the glassy blue-green ocean water and sun for our sheer delight.  This was no typical day for either of us.  It was for me, a conscious decision to seize the day.  You see, I don't get many days alone with this beautiful, adventurous daughter of mine.  Her days are largely spent at school, cheer practice or with friends. Paddle boarding makes me so nervous, my knees shake like Shakira's hips, at times. You see, I just learned how to paddle board earlier this year, in the Caribbean.  Not because I'd been thinking that I'd always wanted to walk on wavy water or because I am a thrill seeker (I don't even ride roller coasters), but because I knew this activity meant a great deal to her.  That precious 5'7" baby girl who made me a mom 16-years ago.  We needed to bond over an activity that SHE loved.  Of this I was certain.  And on this August day,  I wasn't about to head home till she was exhausted from playing in the ocean with her mom during the summer before her Junior year.  Making a memory I know she'll treasure for years to come.  No regrets.  Thank you for your insightful advice, Eleanor.

Over the past year, I've faced many significant challenges, both personally and professionally.  I've encountered opportunities I hadn't dreamed possible.  My heart, faith and mind have been tested.  It is with great pride that I reveal my new fresh-bubbly-glam look as Eva Clark Events celebrates its 11th year in business!  Rebranding has been on my to-do list for….. ohhhh, about a year… or two, really.   With the loving nudge of a fellow momprenuer, I dove in head first last week.  I believe my three daughters and husband set a record for meals from a bag over the course of the 5-days it took me to lay the foundation of this 'rebrand'.  I faced my fears and all of the internal voices telling me how and why I should remain idle.  Thank you for the shot of courage, Maria.  You inspire me.

Here's to many more firsts to come, abundant creativity and the love of 'growing' every single day.  After all, this is no dress rehearsal.