Steal magnolia

You wouldn't know that just hours before holding this bridal bouquet Emmy held the hands of her soon-to-be father in-law as he lay in the ICU. You wouldn't know that she and her fiancé were forced to make one of the most difficult decisions of their lives on their wedding day; to continue on with their Atlanta ballroom wedding as planned, even though the groom's father was struck (and nearly killed) by a car early that morning, while crossing the street or call it off.  Though stunned to the core by this event, they were fairly certain that they wanted to proceed with their wedding.  It was, after all, what he would want.

I'm reminded often of Emmy and how resilient she was her entire wedding day. Beauty aside, this is the reason why she graced the home page of my website for many years. She was, and still is, the epitome of a steal magnolia, southern wedding and all. In a graceful manner she carried on as the strong and beautiful woman she was under immense pressure.  I love that the locket on her bouquet holds the photo of her husband, as a baby. Truth is, she carried him, as a man, that day with her love. What a testament to their relationship and the beginning of their lives together as one.